About us

Eurasian Films was established in 2014 by Mihaly Korom our founder and production executive in order to bring new movie and TV production clients from the Eurasian region to Hungary for their movie and TV projects.During the last ten year many Russian, Chinese and other projects were realized with the help of our team.We have offices and facilities in Budapest and Moscow with representatives in China Georgia and Kazakhstan. We are a film and television production company consisting of individual producers and teams for each and every territory. They are a group experts of international and regional movie making and financing. Mihaly Korom who has decade long experience in movie producing ranging from physical production of projects to full scale post-production project was able to introduce Hungary as a main production hub and key arrival point to Europe for our clients.

Our company had participated in projects ranging from live TV shows to full-fledged international blockbusters. Based in Budapest Eurasian Films consults, finances and physically produces European and International projects for global theatrical, television, and digital-delivery markets. Looking beyond the simple media of film, we are to correspond to the full spectrum of entertainment and media supports, including comic books, animation, transmedia and VR.

Our main focus currently on joint Austrian and Hungarian service and co-productions options for our old and new clients and the new type of out-of-the box finance solutions utilizing the decade-old proven Hungarian film infrastructure and rebate efficiency with the new Austrian options of rebates and the emerging Austrian movie production market ensures you will find your way to realize your dream.

Our secondary focus is on the Balkans region to introduce and promote filming and movie production options for the relatively unknown Serbian, Croatian and Greek markets.

Our key strength lies in the very wide Western and Eastern partner network of our founders which stretches from Bordeaux, France to Vladivostok in Far Eastern Russia along the Central Asian region which is developing very fast namely the Eastern Asian ex Soviet republics through China as far as to Japan.

This allows our current and future partners to be able to access many proprietary financing and filming options with a much wider financing, filming and market network in order to increase finance and marketing options for their projects as well opening new marketing and selling options for their completed projects for markets previously been harder to access.

Exclusive interview with Mihály Korom, producer of Chernobyl: Abyss

Mihaly Korom